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Adult Historical Fiction/Historical Romance Novels

Tobacco Roots (Prequel to the Plantation Shadows Series)
Peter Warren is the only son of a wealthy plantation owner. At the age of 18, under the guise of Jeff Burnett, he leaves his sister and Negro surrogate mother behind fleeing North to escape the evil grasp of his father—illegally taking his best friend and manservant, Dan, with him.

Peter’s father’s influence is long-reaching. Due to the large reward for their capture and return soon bounty hunters are tracking them down. No city is safe, but when they reach Pittsfield, New Hampshire flat broke they are forced to stop. Here a lady comes into Peter’s life. Peter never thought rebuilding his life would coincide with falling in love. Can he trust her to keep their secret? Or will giving her his heart spell disaster?

In Dixieland’s Grasp (Book 2 of the Plantation Shadows Series)
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Freedom to Love
In antebellum Georgia, a handsome stable manager is content with his life as a favored slave especially after he is granted the wife he’s desired for years. Rebellious seamstress battles her new husband’s charms to keep the promise to her dying mother that she will never bear children in slavery. Body tingling, she must escape before she loses her heart and her chance at freedom.

The Wedding Piano (a novella)
Set in Tennessee in the 1880s this historical women’s fiction novella will tug at your heartstrings. Olivia knows she’s supposed to accept the family heirloom piano on her wedding day, but can’t. She doesn’t even play. Besides, she wants to leave it for her father, as a last tie to her deceased mother. But her father rejects the idea. Olivia struggles to come to terms with her father’s wishes as she prepares for the biggest day of her life.

Young Adult Novels

Sam Hawkins: Pony Express Rider
Orphaned after a stagecoach accident kills her mother, fifteen-year-old Samantha must survive on her own in the rough West; disguising as a boy, she is hired by the Pony Express. She falls in love with a savvy, red-headed rider and wishes he would think of her as more than “a little brother.” Unfortunately, battling the elements, hunger, and Indian attacks, seems easy compared to divulging her many dark secrets which could cost them their lives.

Rolling West
Emily is upset when she learns that she will be moving with her family from their comfortable Illinois town to the Oregon wilderness. When she is reunited with a childhood sweetheart she is forced to decide between a lonely life as an army wife at a frontier post or the hopes of returning to civilization.

Middle Grade Novels

Isabelle’s Bargain
Twelve-year-old Lindy was born with second sight and, because of this, she has been shunned all her life. She views her sight as a flaw and does not try to get close to others. When she learns that her master is in debt she must use her sight to save herself and the others from being sold. Lindy must trust her life to Isabelle, the spirit who has haunted her since birth, as she flees on the Underground Railroad. What she doesn’t realize is what Isabelle wants in return.

Carving on the Tree
In the middle of the Civil War, two best friends, Rebecca and Eliza, find a carving on the pine tree outside the schoolhouse. It reads: Help me I’m cold and hungry. The girls do not know who left the message but they decide that they have to help even if the adults in town won’t.

Green Thumb
Jason is supposed to take care of Mrs. Midas’s flower and vegetable gardens. Except, he is a lazy, selfish boy. He doesn’t do any of his chores leaving them for others to do. A mysterious peddler woman gives him a gift. She says it will make his life easier. At first his green thumb seemed wonderful and then things got out of control. Will he learn to control the power or find a way to get rid of it before it is too late?

Picture Books

Blizzard’s Christmas Magic
Blizzard is a young reindeer who doesn’t quite fit in with the rest of Santa’s herd. His parents are worried, but Santa assures them that Blizzard is unique and will find his Christmas magic in his own time. A book about searching for your talent.


  1. I am so impressed with my first visit to your site. So many books and every one of them looks intriguing! Are they available on ebooks, Kindle, or paper?

  2. Hopefully soon. I’ve had a few setbacks but e-books are in the works.

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