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I have a guest blogger today. It is my pleasure to welcome Blue Swan Publishing.
This small press is eager for manuscripts and authors to add to their publishing family. I thought I’d help Blue Swan and my fellow authors out by getting to know Blue Swan better.


What inspired you to start the imprint?

I’ve been exploring the possibility of starting this imprint for a number of years.  In the early day of epublishing, back when I started in the late 90’s, I had all genres available at our original store, Atlantic Bridge Publishing.  Ebooks just had not taken off and it wasn’t going to be for some year to come, that they would.  I knew sooner or later it would and just stayed the course, stayed conservative, and waited.  It became obvious after a few years, that like with many things on the Internet, it was best to focus on one specific area, specialize in it, so to speak.  Romance has always been the number one seller in books and it was also online, so I began an imprint for it.  However, the second largest selling genre is Inspirational and that is still the case.


What do you look for in the books and authors you acquire?

The story has to be one that grabs the reader from the first chapter.  But it’s more than that, it must keep the reader engaged throughout.  We look for strong characters, those readers will relate to and enjoy.


What genres are you looking to acquire?

We are actively seeking Inspirational (including Christain) and/or Sweet themed manuscripts, contemporary to Historical to cover our romance genre at Blue Swan Publishing. We are looking for sweet, traditional romance with strong, irresistible characters. Romance at its best with endless possibilities of love, life, and happiness.

We are also seeking Mysteries/suspense, Thrillers, Science Fiction, Fantasy genres that fall under that inspirational umbrella. Many of the End Time or Apocalypse books fall under the Science Fiction sub-genre.

And finally, we are also seeking manuscripts in the Young Adult category of all genres.


How do you support authors through the publishing process?

We assign an editor who will work with the author through the process of honing the book for production, but never edit out the author’s voice.  An author has input to their cover art.  We are available for questions and we keep communication open throughout the approximately four month process.


How do you promote the books in your catalog?

We encourage authors to promote themselves.  What we have always done is promote the company overall.  We further partner with other organizations that get our catalog in all the viable distribution outlets.  The absolutely best promotion an author can do is simply write another book.  In all the years of publishing and see the variety of promotional avenues taken by authors and us alike, the best route to becoming known and have a following is to be prolific in the books written and stay in the genres that sell the best.


To learn more about Blue Swan Publishing and their submission guidelines please visit their website: blueswanpublishing.com/submissions/

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