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I’ve posted links below to the major e-book retailers, as well as to where you can buy each book in paperback (if available.)  All of my books are available at most major e-book retailers.  If I haven’t posted a link here, it’s not because it isn’t available on your preferred platform; try going to the e-bookstore’s website and searching by my name or by the title.

Make an author’s day and buy a book! If you would really want to leave me with a smile leave an honest review.

Adult Historical Novels


Smashwords (e-book, all formats) (Kindle e-book) (Nook e-book) (Kobo e-book)

Paperback (

GRITS AND GLORY (Plantation Shadows, Book 1) (e-book all formats) (Kindle e-book) (Nook e-book) (Kobo e-book)

Paperback (

Historical Romance

MIDNIGHT CALLER (Moonlight Romance, Book 1)

Liquid Silver Books (All e-book formats)midnightcaller (Kindle e-book)

All Romance Ebooks (All e-book formats) (Kobo-ebook)


Children’s Historicals

Who Tells the Moon to Sleep?

Smashwords (e-book, all formats)Who_Tells_the_Moon_t_Cover_for_Kindle (Kindle e-book) (Nook e-book) (Kobo e-book)

Paperback (

JOURNEY TO GLORY (All e-book formats)Journey to Glory Cover (Kindle e-book) (Nook e-book) (Kobo e-book) Coming Soon!

Short Stories

Wings of For (Kindle e-book) Note: Currently in KDP Select


BOTTLING TENNESSEE: A DAVY CROCKETT TALL TALE (Kindle e-book) Note: Currently in KDP Select Bottling Tennessee Cover




TENTACLES: AN ANTHOLOGY (All e-formats)tentacles thumbnail (Kindle e-book) (Nook e-book) (Kobo e-book)



2 thoughts on “Book Store

  1. I just finished Living Half Free at 7:38pm. I loved it. I felt fear, hatred, dread and sorrow. Tears formed and I cried. This would be great as required reading in high school. Many aspects of life are swept out of sight. It is important to see how humans share the ‘will to survive’. Zachariah’s faith is shaken and he stumbles. As he fumbles in darkness he is led out by the loving light of an equally naive Cherokee woman. Haley shows the importance of family and civility towards others is paramount. Respect and do no harm, lest it be mirrored upon you a hundred fold.

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