Saved by the Yeti by Eva Lefoy

Eva Lefoy has a new release! Well, it is a new stand-alone release. It is also available in the box set Sexy to Go Christmas Edition. This winter themed paranormal romance is a perfect read on a snowy day. We sure have snow where I live. In fact, we have the most snow we’ve had in a few years. I guess the global warming cycle has swung back around. I just hope that if I get buried under a mountain of snow the sexy Yeti will save me! Some girls have all the luck. Saved by the Yeti Kaylee’s fear … Continue reading

New Years Resolutions?

Have you made any New Years resolutions? If so, what are they? Have you made resolutions before and kept them? Most people give up rather quickly. Making small achievable goals is one way to have a better chance at success. Instead of making resolutions this year, I’ve decided to take a class: New Year, New You. I’m hoping it will get me in the right frame of mind for 2016. While a lot of wonderful things happened this last year such as my first audiobook and getting my cat, Watson, other things drained me of energy and creativity. My grandpa … Continue reading

We have audio! Caged Bird narrated by Cynthia Wallace

I am excited that I now have a title available in audio. I think it is funny that it isn’t a historical fiction or historical romance title. (I do have a few of those in the works for audio) Caged Bird is my contemporary ghost romance novella. It was a lot of fun to write. If you like a steamy paranormal with hits of humor then I think you’ll enjoy this audiobook. Blurb: Amanda agrees to a surprise vacation in order to salvage her failing relationship, but her dream fades when she discovers her ghost-hunting boyfriend has booked them into … Continue reading

#africanamerican #christmas romance by @christygis

Baoule Spirit Lovers Guest Post by Christy Gissendaner   The Baoule people of Africa’s Ivory Coast believe a parallel universe, called the Blolo, exists where the spirits of newborns waiting to be born and the deceased co-exist with the real world. Every spirit has a mate in the Blolo, who can be enlisted to save their mate’s problems while in our world. Interesting? I certainly thought so. Enough to write a Christmas novella centered on the Baoule culture. Romantic problems, infertility, and general unhappiness in the real world can be cured by commissioning figurines of spirit mates. Blolo bian (males) … Continue reading

To Blog or Not to Blog that is the Question #writerslife #blogging

It seems like social media outlets/forms ebb and flow in popularity. I started blogging 5 years ago, I think? Blogs were popular. Everyone had a blog for everything. There were cooking blogs, mommy blogs, writing blogs, pet blogs etc. Now I’ve noticed that unless the said blog had a large following and was well-established then many of these blogs are disappearing. Many of my author friends have either closed their blogs or are thinking of closing their blogs. There is only so much time in the day. It is possible to do promotion 24/7 and never write another book. Not … Continue reading

Writers Need Support – Depression and the Author Part 2

While writing a story is usually a solo act unless you have a co-writer, I have found that actually being productive on a daily basis is difficult. Writers need people to hold them accountable. Writers also need fellow writers to assist with story issues. I’m working harder on getting back into a writing routine and developing a schedule. At the moment, I am trying to write without the creative support I desperately need. This is not an excuse for my slowed productivity. It is just a fact. I used to have a small writing group. These people had read my … Continue reading

Depression and the Author Part 1

Did you know that depression runs high in the creativity community? Many famous authors were deeply troubled such as Hemmingway, Mark Twain, and F. Scott Fitzgerald. Of course, some authors also suffer from serious mental illness, but that is another issue. I suffer through bouts of depression and have since my teens. It really is a vicious cycle. When I’m not actively involved in writing or another creative pursuit for more than a couple days then I get depressed. After I get depressed then I don’t feel like writing. See my problem? Writing is my lifeline. Writing feeds my soul. Many … Continue reading