Cover Reveal for Liberated by Laura Miller #histrom #truestory

Cover Design Cover by Charlene Raddon of Cover-Ops BLURB: This book is a biography of a woman I have loved and admired for the whole of my life. In December 1944 a German family of seven were captured and convicted of war crimes for harbouring Jews. I have known this story for most of my life. In the twilight of her years, this lady has decided that it is time for her story to be told, so it will be recorded for future generations. The woman and her sister were interned in Bergen-Belsen Concentration Camp until Liberation on 13 … Continue reading

Guest Author Daisy Banks – Christmas Carols Blog Tour

Thank you, Haley, for your kind offer to help me celebrate the release of my new book Christmas Carols, published by Liquid Silver Books on the 10th of August. Readers can pre-order if they wish and enjoy a 20% early bird discount. I know readers might think it a little odd to be thinking about Christmas in August but in Victorian England, where my story is set, people were used to starting their Christmas preparations early. My paternal grandmother knew a lot about the work that went into getting Christmas foods and gifts underway in a ‘big’ house. I … Continue reading

#MySexySaturday – Wild and Tender Care #4thofJuly #Romance

For the 4th of July edition of My Sexy Saturday I have a 7 paragraph excerpt from my Historical Independence Day romance Wild and Tender Care. Her attention returned to the stranger’s back, curiosity burning her brain. Although not richly dressed he gave an air of the city more than one of a cowboy or miner. She examined his charcoal gray frock coat taking in every inch of him. His straight black hair fell to his shoulders topped by a black derby hat. The tall stranger added his empty plate to a stack at the end of the table and … Continue reading

#BBW #Ghost #Romance for #99cents! Pre-order on @amazon before July 30th

My newest novella Caged Bird is now available for pre-order. It is the first story in my haunted hotel series. I’m stretching my wings and trying new genres. I guess I’m entering a ghost phase. Is that kind of like Picasso’s  blue period? It is hard to find or even come up with a good concept for a ghost romance cover. I did a lot of research and noticed many ghost romances had pictures of flowers and other non-people objects. I decided to go with this trend and play on the name of the brothel in my novella Bird Cage. … Continue reading

Guest Blog: Vicky Burkholder … Why Don’t You Write

I have fellow Liquid Silver author Vicky Burkholder on my blog today. I can identity with her need to stay within her genre preferences.  If you are a writer I’m sure you can, too. And if you’re a reader maybe you’ll understand after reading her explanation. Also, don’t miss the information on her new release Lovin’ the Odds. Why don’t you write…   I don’t know any author who hasn’t has someone propose a story idea to them. Why don’t you write my life story? Why don’t you write a story about this guy who… I don’t like (name the genre). Why … Continue reading

11 #sexy short stories for #99cents

I’m excited to have a new release. After reading the monthly Sexy to Go collection I finally submitted. I am featured in Sexy to Go volume 6. It releases June 30th. You can pre-order now from Amazon for just $.99. The sale will continue through the first two weeks after release, I think. 11 sexy short stories! What is there not to like? There is something for everyone in this diverse collection.  Read the blurbs below. First Class by Jocelyn Dex Shay is terrified to fly, but when a sexy-as-sin man sits next to her in first class, he provides a … Continue reading

Novella Price Poll: Results – #amreading #ebooks

Thank you to all 55 people who answered my novella price poll question. In case you are interested here are the results. I was relieved that no one said FREE. It should be noted my question referred to an author the reader liked. Obviously a reader is likely to pay less for a new to them author because they are checking out their work for the first time. What is the most you would pay for a 30k novella from an author you liked?  Votes 99 cents 8 1.99 13 2.99 25 3.99 5 4.99 4 FREE 0     … Continue reading