Civil War era Cinderella and Prince Charming

Sophia and Lucas from Soldier in Her Lap are my Civil War era Cinderella and Prince Charming. You can learn why by visiting West of Mars where the book is spotlighted. Yay!

I participated in Susan’s famous one-question interview. Now you really want to know what that question is, don’t you?

Check it out here:

Happy Easter Everyone

Happy Easter! I’m off to a family picnic to roast hot dogs and marshmallows.  I expect the wildflowers will be out and I plan to climb the hill and pick bouquets. While many people go to church on Easter I take in the beauty of the outdoors, God’s creation.

I hope you all enjoy the holiday and the Easter bunny is good to you.

Have no place to go? You can always enjoy a book! I just love this old Easter postcard from the early 1900s. The Easter bunny is reading to the chickies.


The Creativity Faucet … #writing or not

I’m amazed when I hear that some writers do not need to be in the mood to crank out major word count. They say writing is their work and they can’t afford to take a day off. I agree with that. I know as a writer I need to write, keep putting out releases. My publishers expect me to keep contracting stories and I have to write Midnight Seduction to finish the Moonlight Romance series. Still, I can’t write on command. Or at least I can’t write well on command.

I wish I could. But I’m not one of those authors. My muse is fickle. When it is on I can write several chapters in one setting. In fact, I wrote a third of my historical western novella Wild and Tender Care in one sitting … but that was also to feverishly trying to meet a deadline.

Now that the story has been contracted and gone through content edits I need to focus on the next project. As I mentioned in a previous post I’d like it to be one of my straight historical fiction stories. I’ve dabbled in them and they’ve stalled. I switched to a couple historical romance ideas. I’ve dabbled in them and they’ve stalled, too.


By Mets501 (Own work) [GFDL (

My creativity is like a faucet. It is currently clogged and merely dripping at the moment. I’m waiting for the right idea to strike, for a character to speak to me and beg me to tell their story. Drip, drip, drip… the stories merely trickle out. That is so annoying. I want to write but it isn’t the right time. I don’t have writer’s block. I can sit down and write 500 to 1000 words but those words are uninspired. I know I would end up deleting them later or completely rewriting them.

So I have decided it is best to wait.

I have other things I can do to keep busy until the next story fully forms in my brain. I still have a few blog posts to write for my book tours for Soldier in Her Lap and Midnight Kiss. I can also finally get around to updating my neglected website… but what I really want to do is start writing on my next story!

Get Journey to Glory #FREE at @Smashwords

Ethan Mire is excited when war is declared and is eager to enlist in the Confederate Army. This is the defining moment of his generation and he wants his chance to achieve glory.

His loyal dog Sam won’t be parted from him. Though he thinks human warfare is madness, he becomes the mascot for the Georgia regiment.

Will Sam follow Ethan only to find the grave? Who will achieve glory in this tale?

This story is written for a PG-13 audience and can be enjoyed by children and adults alike.
This 16,000 word story is suitable for Middle Grade and up.

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JTG Small

I got my first review for Journey to Glory on Amazon and it was 5*. Here is a snippet from the review.

“This story follows the two as they learn to become soldiers and go off to their first battle in Manassas. In this short but riveting story, both Ethan and Sam learn what exactly it means to be a soldier fighting for his country and home, and, more important, what war really is and the importance of love for fellow creatures, human and canine, and loyalty between the same in the greater scheme of life. The story presents a great tale of a youth’s movement to adulthood and of how important loyalty, even that of a faithful dog, can be. Though short, this story is very well written and brings out several theses of love of country and home, the need/desire to protect it, the devotion between a boy/man and his dog and the realities of war. I particularly enjoyed the way the author varied the story, having one section narrated by Ethan, followed by one narrated by Sam. ”


You can read the full review here if you wish.

To help generate more interest in Journey to Glory you can now get this Civil War tale FREE.

Meet the Couple from Midnight Kiss (interracial romance)

Interracial Romance — Historical Style. It brings a heap of trouble in Midnight Kiss … but sometimes love is black and white. And, well, I’d like to think that love conquers all. ;)

I feel like I’ve been on tour forever. Maybe this is what musicians feel like after a while. I’m not complaining. It is amazing I had two releases so close together. :)

It is time to meet the couple from Midnight Kiss. Life hasn’t been kind to either of them. Living in post-Civil War Missouri has its challenges — one of them being social expectations. What would the cost be for not complying?



You can stop over to M.S Kaye’s blog to learn about April. She is the beautiful, strong-willed  heroine in Midnight Kiss. She found herself in difficult circumstances when she was falsely accused of stealing and fired from her job without pay. Luckily she also found Matt!


Matt is the handsome hero in Midnight Kiss. A widower, he is just now getting over his wife’s death even though it was four years ago.  He has his flaws, but his love for his two mulatto children is never-ending. His heart is as big as the Mississippi River. Learn more about him here.

National Library Week: Thank a Librarian!

This week is National Library Week which makes it the perfect time to thank a librarian. My love of books started early in live. When I got into middle school I practically lived at the public library. No joke. Every librarian there knew me by name and knew my interests. They still do. When I walk up to the library counter many of them check the shelf to see if any books I’d ordered have come in without me saying a word. That’s service.

Many people are treated like a regular at their favorite restaurant or bar. Me? Everyone at the library knows my name.

bigstock-Stack-Of-Books-Isolated-On-The-3725697All the reading inspired me to be a writer. Once I made the decision I was going to write my own books I used the library to research and check out writing guides and the writing market. I honed my craft as I got more serious and then I focused on researching for my stories. I’ve requested some odd books from the library and they’ve very rarely not come through for me.

It never ceases to amaze me the power of a library. They were even able to dig up a reference book about the regimental history of a particular Civil War regiment in Virginia. I’d like to thank all the librarians at the Wenatchee Public Library for helping me to get where I am today.