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This is a creative and slightly fabricated story of Haley’s writing journey. If you want the professional version check out her press kit.

Haley Whitehall was once an aspiring writer without direction. One day she wrote poetry the next non-fiction. She grasped at straws hoping to find her way.

Ghostly men, women, and children haunted her day and night. The nights were the worst. They turned her dreams into nightmares—gruesome images of slaves being whipped, chained, and sold. She dreamt of soldiers being unable to see the enemy through thick cannon smoke, sawbones amputating limbs, the piercing cries of the wounded rang in her ears.

She went to college at Central Washington University and got a B.A in history. She learned more about these people, but that did not appease them. They carried on long conversations with her explaining what the history books failed to mention. They continued to reveal the past to her in nightmares filled with hatred, racism and death. Occasionally, an inspirational dream graced her with restful sleep.

She kept waiting for a bush to catch on fire and give her guidance. Unable to take it any longer, she looked up to the sky and said, “What do you want me to do?”

“Write,” the ghostly voices said in unison.

From that day on, Haley has been a historical fiction author shedding light on often forgotten history. She consults with the ghosts for time to time to check her facts and renew her faith.

The nightmares have vanished. She has accepted her mission.


Haley is a member of Write on the River.


  1. Excellent looking blog, I look forward to reading more.

  2. Thank you for your comment, it definitely made my day!! =]
    And I would love to have a farm too–so cool!

  3. What a talented woman you are! I too am in Washington–Seattle area. I look forward to visiting this blog often–there is a wealth of information here. I just finished my MFA. I am working on finding a spot for my manuscript. I think its wonderful that you married your two passions–literature and history. May the muse continue to inspire you.
    I will be back.

    • Thank you for the kind words. It is great to meet another Washington writer! Good luck on your manuscript. I have found that researching the market/agents and publishers is the hardest part. I hope the muse continues to inspire you as well. I also hope my site continues to be helpful.

  4. Now that I read about you I have some historical fiction and non-fiction reading & film suggestions for you.

    Pete Hamil’s “Forever” is a historical novel of an Irishman immigrating to New York it contains an element of fantasy, he lives for centuries and we experience the development of the city.

    Belva Plain’s “Evergreen” is another immigrant story, NYC again through the depression era. Excellent read, the first thing to ever spark my interest in history.

    Tim O’Brien’s “The Things They Carried” an autobiography an excellent example of discriptive writing. Vietnam Setting.

    The film “Cinderella Man” NYC during the great depression.

    Steinbeck’s “East of Eden”

  5. Thanks for your comment on my blog!

    You’re also following me on Twitter but my name there is Sena Quaren ( a character in my WIP 🙂

    I just added you to my Blogroll…

  6. oooh…Haley so excited to check out your blog. I’ve just subscribed.

    Thanks also for your comment on my blog. You are my first! It feels a bit like losing my virginity. Lol

    In gratitude,

  7. Thank you for subscribing to my blog! I hope you enjoy reading my thoughts. I am honored to have been your first commenter. I wish you lots of success.

  8. Hi Haley – wow – you look so young and yet have achieved so much. I am extremely impressed. Do you have anything published? If not, with your determination, I am sure it will not be long before you do 😀

    Have a great day xx

  9. Hi Hayley – just to let you know, I’ve added you to my blogroll – known as my “Circle of Friends” xx

  10. Haley,

    I enjoyed our outing today immensely. This blog site is refreshing, soft and educational. Keep it up. I don’t know how you do it, but I like it!!!

  11. I love your blog Haley.

    Anyway, love the blog. If you have time i’d love to have you do a guest post for me!

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  13. Haley..I’ve added your blog to Solitary Words. Keep up the great work and look forward to exchanging guest posts with you!

  14. Hi Haley, I just wanted to thank you for your wonderful comment on my work (via http://ambwrites.wordpress.com). It’s great to hear feedback from someone who isn’t a friend or teacher! I just read some of your writing and it looks awesome! I’ll definitely be back!

  15. I love your blog already! I too, have a passion for Literature and History, and have plans to study each. I am envious that you are able to carve a career out of both!

    Also, thank you for checking out my blog! As I just set it up, I was quite excited to see that I had a viewer that wasn’t my parents. :]

  16. LOVE the new look, Haley!!

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  18. For some reason, this is the first time I checked out your resources and bio. You are an awesome lady. I suspect one day you will end up on the NY Times bestseller list. With dedication, awareness and passion like yours, that is probably one of your first big stops, but not the last. Rock on, Haley.

  19. Nice blog, Haley! My first time here. I’ll be a regular visitor from now on.

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